Pearl Shaw School Of Performing Arts

Entire brand overhaul — logo, photos, copy & website. 

This was an incredibly fun project. Caroline Bell, who took over the school full time in 1990, is as an enthusiastic a person as you're likely to meet, and brought incredible energy to the table.

I consulted from the ground up so that there would be longevity to everything created. Arriving on a colour palette of red, black, gold and white, I crafted a new brand identity, and rather than just using stock photography for the website, worked with pupils of the school to create an iconic and unique set of images everyone could be proud of. 

Lastly, as I worked on the website design and build, I hired a professional copywriter to interview Caroline before writing the words for the website. 

Commercial Photography - Tap Dance Pearl Shaw School Of Performing Arts
Pear Shaw School Of Performing arts logo against white
Web Design - Pearl Shaw School Of Performing Arts