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A book cover has more work to do than just look pretty. To earn its keep, it must do two jobs, which at first seem contradictory: fitting in AND standing out. The cover should be at home within its genre, yet distinctive enough to catch the eye of the ideal reader, convincing them to stop and investigate.

The point is never personal artistic expression, but to communicate the theme clearly and attract the right reader. And a bad book cover almost guarantees you’ll miss out on sales you might otherwise deserve.

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Fire Lilles by Rhiannon Lloyd book cover design
Fire Lilies book interior design & layout
Fire Lilies book interior design & layout
Kim Platt Healing The Nations

Mark was so helpful and kind when we worked together on Fire Lilies. I was way out of my depth, but Mark’s skills and good eye rescued me! I learned a lot, while ​he carried the load.

I especially appreciated his skill and artistry in re-drawing our maps, diagrams, and enhancing the photos. Basically, he made our book look professional.​  His work and consultancy were invaluable.

– Kim Platt, project manager, Healing the Nations Publishing

“Mark was on-topic, focused, strategic and organised. Not least to say — creative. Readers are saying just how professional the cover is! And sales are promising. What more could I wish for?”

— JORN LANGE, author of Still Creating: Learning to rest while pursuing your art , Cyprus

Real You Project Workbook Cover
Brave Art book by Mark Pierce
The Creative Wound book cover


  • ​First Impression: A book’s cover is often the first thing a potential reader sees. It’s crucial to make a positive and memorable first impression.
  • ​Reflects Content: A well-designed cover gives readers a glimpse into the book’s content, genre, and tone, helping them decide if it aligns with their interests.
  • ​Professionalism: A professionally designed cover signals to readers that the book is of high quality and worth their time and money, building trust and credibility.
  • ​Visibility: In a crowded market, a striking cover can help a book stand out among competitors, increasing its visibility both online and on bookstore shelves.
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    ​Brand Building: Consistent and appealing cover designs across a series or an author’s works can help build brand recognition and loyalty among readers.
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    ​Emotional Appeal: A visually appealing cover can evoke emotions and intrigue, enticing readers to pick up the book and delve into its contents.
  • ​Marketing Tool: An eye-catching cover can serve as a powerful marketing tool, drawing readers in through advertisements, social media posts, and other promotional materials.
  • ​Differentiation: A unique and memorable cover design sets the book apart from others in its genre, helping it avoid being lost in the sea of similar titles.
  • Reader Expectations: The cover sets expectations for readers regarding the style, tone, and content of the book, ensuring they are not misled or disappointed.
  • Long-Term Sales: A well-designed cover can have a lasting impact on a book’s sales, continuing to attract new readers even months or years after its release.
Everythings Changing book cover for Ann Atkin

​​“​​​I found Mark’s dedication to achieving the best result for me ​reassuring. He was creative, helpful, and patient​ without being intrusive or controlling. ​​His creative skills and technical knowledge​ of the production process were exceptional​. ​Strongly ​recommended.”

— ​ANN ATKIN, author of ​​Everything's Changing: The Young Person's Guide Through Grief & Loss​, ​North Wales

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