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Want release-quality songs? Not an audio engineer? Don't want to play every instrument? You're in the right place!

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Every note recorded & mixed at Revelator.

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John Every songwriter

"As a singer/ songwriter, lots of music only exists in my head. Mark has very creatively interpreted what I can hear and improved it. Now everyone else can hear it too. Marvellous!"

John Every – Songwriter

Help at every point of your recording journey

Not sure where to start? I'll walk you through every step of the way.

Create in the studio

I am a firm believer of the adage “quality in, quality out.”

From microphones used by top LA producer Joe Chiccarelli to preamps owned by guitar legends Mark Knopfler & Dave Gilmour, my equipment choices ensure that the sounds captured are pure, full & warm.

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Revelator Recording Studio

Treat your songs to the sound they deserve

(Because good songs should never sound bad)

Record on location

Can't get to me? I can come to you!

At Revelator you have the option of mobile recording.

I can pack my trusty studio vehicle with equipment and head out to your environment to capture your sound!

Revelator car for mobile recording

Collaborate online

Distance is no longer an object.

Produce your song from start to finish - all online! I regularly collaborate with people from all around the globe.

Need authentic pedal steel from Texas? No problem!

Record Music Online

You don't have to be a pop star to make music that matters

Made with Revelator

A selection of the albums produced, recorded, and designed in-house.

Sarah Pierce - Reality cd cover
Mark Pierce - Catapult album cover
Rebecca Hardie - Dust To Diamonds album cover
Steve Gilmour - All For Love album cover
The Ultimate Coffeehouse Collective album cover for Everything That We Can Be
Maggie Adams - songwriter

"Making an album is no longer out of reach. People easily take out loans for cars that only last a few years – whereas an album lasts forever. I know which I'd rather invest in!"

Maggie Adams – Songwriter

Prices from £360