About Mark Pierce

Musician, photographer, designer, writer & creative coach

You’ve got something important to do, sell, or say

Your ideas are good. You know that. But when you put yourself, your business, brand, or art out into the world, the response is underwhelming. 

Perhaps you're attempting too much on your own. 

You're not being fair on yourself to suddenly demand jaw-dropping creativity at the drop of a hat if it's not what you spend your days doing. Of course, you might hit a home run, but it is a rare thing.

Creative offerings that appear effortless usually have years of hard-won experience behind them. 

Benefit from my 25 years in the creative space

I've been around a while. (I worked on Ceefax when it was cutting-edge!)

I've spent over 25 years of my life intersecting print design, illustration, web marketing & education, photography, art direction, creative coaching, and music composition, performance & studio production. And I'm inviting you to share in the wealth of experience I've amassed during that time. 

My work has appeard in the UK, USA & Europe and includes companies such as: BBC, ITV, Sky, The Independent, The Guardian, Playstation Magazine, Parcelforce, Penguin Books, Aviva, Newsquest, EMAP Publishing, Toni & Guy, Hull City AFC and more.

Since founding Revelator in 2005, it's been my mission to help give previously unheard and unseen artists, creatives, entrepeneurs, and businesses the creative tools, resources, and support that give them the chance to flourish in an increasingly noisy, competitive world.

So, if you need extensive and diverse creativity, but don't have a spare quarter of a century to learn everything you need, we could be a good fit.

Our relationship matters

I learned a vital lesson during the final design agency job I had before starting Revelator:

  • 1
    The sales guy brought in lots of business, but I didn't connect very well with many of the clients. This troubled me. 
  • 2
    I realised the sales guy attracted people who reflected his personality and style, which was radically different from my own. No wonder there was a disconnect.
  • 3
    Since starting Revelator in 2005, I have enjoyed wonderful working relationships with almost everybody. It's been quite a transformation. It speaks volumes that half of my current circle of friends started out as clients!

If you're looking for someone to bash out a cheap leaflet I might not be the right fit, but, if you're looking for a partner to really listen, understand what you're trying to achieve, and offer creative vision and application over the long-haul in order to make it happen, I'm your man.

Where am I based?

I work from my studio near Llandudno, in beautiful North Wales. However, I do travel the UK, and collaborate online, so distance isn't an object. Often, people come to work at my studio as an excuse for a mini break in a stunning setting!

Where does the name Revelator come from?

A Revelator is someone who reveals something. Simply put, I bring hidden things to light.

To the right audience, what you have to offer will be a revelation. 

It's my delight to help make known the work, thoughts, image and leadership of individuals, businesses and organisations who have something worthy of quality presentation.

Next steps

No matter what hurdle you're facing right now, whether starting from scratch or wanting to improve how you present your offerings, I want to help you reflect you better.

To explore your options, just get in touch. I have a friendly, relaxed approach – an informal discovery session over coffee is often a great way to find out what your next steps look like.