Recording Music

The art and craft of recording music

Quality in, quality out

The raw recording

It simply cannot be over-emphasised how important the quality of the raw recording is to achieving a high quality final product.

There is a popular school of thought that believes most things can be 'fixed in the mix' no matter how inappropriate or bad the recordings are.

Taking this rushed approach to recording can make things very labour intensive at the mixing stage and isn't guaranteed to achieve the results you are looking for. In fact it can actually take more time and be more expensive in the long run.

boy singing into a studio condenser microphone

The patient approach of finding all the right components will definitely give the best results. We take the time to:

  • ​Choose the right sound source
  • ​Find the right room to record in
  • ​Choose the right microphone(s)
  • check
    Point the microphone(s) at the right place(s)
  • check
    Point the microphone(s) at the right distance(s)

To focus on these things in a methodical fashion might seem slightly slow and dull when you're chomping at the bit to start playing, but, trust me, this is the best way to get a good recorded sound, which in turn makes achieving a good final mix a faster and more effective process.

Steve Gilmour worship leader headshot

"Thanks for your skill, patience and commitment to this project, Mark. I’m quite emotional hearing the music coming together so well!"

Steve Gilmour – Worship leader & songwriter


Proper planning before a session is always worth your while.

Quality music is created from the ground up, with solid foundations and deep roots. Imagine going into the studio, recording all your instruments, and then finding yourself wishing the tempo had been quicker or realising that the key would have been better half a step down.

At this point you have only two options: to compromise or start again. No one wants to compromise, however starting again adds unexpected hours — and cost — onto your project. A bit of thoughtful preparation can help you avoid these frustrating situations.

Rather than being a restriction, proper planning actually takes the pressure off, allowing you to be free and spontaneous without worrying if you’re going to have to start again from scratch.

pre-production rehearsal

More time making music

The pressure's off

Go ahead – make a mistake!

Because we record everything digitally it gives you breathing space to make as many mistakes as you need to - we can just record over them until you nail the take you love. Parts of different takes can even be joined together to make one perfect whole.

I always recommend a bit of thoughtful preparation and planning before you get into the studio, but you also need to be free of that wooden, tense feeling that comes when you feel you have to get it perfect the first time.

Revelator Recording Studio
Charlotte- music therapist headshot

"I could not be happier! Mark is easy to work with. He listens and gets to the heart of what you want to achieve. I'm a music therapist, so my people are rarely experienced in recording, yet they've all felt comfortable performing in front of Mark. Everyone is so proud of the finished songs. I wouldn't go to anyone else."

Charlotte Bailey – Music therapist

More time making music

A major benefit of recording everything digitally is that we avoid a lot of wasted time fixing old gear, rewinding tape and creating traditionally complex workarounds. This efficiency frees up more time to focus on your music – more takes, more creative options, more fun! The music just turns out a whole lot better.

Quality equipment matters

At Revelator, your performance will benefit from some of the most current, critically acclaimed and carefully selected recording equipment.

We are firm believers of the adage “quality in, quality out.” Some gear might look great with its flashing lights and super-shiny fronts but does nothing for your sound. We avoid all that! From microphones used by top LA producer Joe Chiccarelli to preamps owned by guitar legends Mark Knopfler & Dave Gilmour, our equipment choices ensure that the sounds from your performance are pure, full & warm.

Mobile recording

Break the restrictions

I’ve found that sometimes the best thing for a song is to be recorded out in a space with its own acoustic fingerprint.

So now you have the option of mobile recording; I can pack my trusty studio vehicle with equipment and head out to the proper environment to capture your sound.

Revelator car for mobile recording

Blending it all together

Once your recordings are all done we can move on to the mixing stage. This is where we begin blending together of all the sounds we’ve captured into a pleasing, coherent whole.

Click here to read about my approach to mixing music

Mixing desk
Maggie Adams - songwriter

"Making an album is no longer out of reach. People easily take out loans for cars that only last a few years – whereas an album lasts forever. I know which I'd rather invest in!"

Maggie Adams – Songwriter

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