"I haven’t read a book that shook me up this much since The War of Art by Steven Pressfield."

Lauren Sapala, author of Firefly Magic and The INFJ Writer


The Creative Wound


By Mark Pierce
An empathetic guide to recovering your creative soul.

Combining heartfelt personal stories with inspirational and practical insights, this book demonstrates how we can overcome artistic anxiety, find renewed creative courage, and produce meaningful work that matters.

As an artist, you put your heart into what you do. It’s the seat of all your work. But if your creative heart breaks, you lose all expressive power. Deep down, you know if this damage would only heal then freedom of movement would return and you’d discover all that you are truly capable of.

But how?

In this book I  explain:

* Why your gift is desperately needed, especially in the technology era.
* Effective ways to change course and find your true creative path.
* What understanding your story will reveal to your future creative self.
* How to find inspiration when you’re just not feeling it.
* When daydreaming is your best productivity option.

And that's just for starters...

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Praise for The Creative Wound

Lauren Sapala, author

"Simple, powerful, and works like pure magic. I haven’t read a book that shook me up this much since The War of Art by Steven Pressfield. The Creative Wound: Heal Your Broken Art is a must-read—and an essential tool—for creative people across the globe."
Lauren Sapala, author of Firefly Magic and The INFJ Writer

Andy Mort reading The Creative Wound

"A soothing balm for your creative battle scars, this is a book for anyone who feels they have more to bring to the world but suffer doubt, feel ashamed, or wildly over-think their creativity. It gently equips you to direct your life’s art with purpose and perspective, rather than allowing the pain to write for you. Happy healing!"
– Andy Mort, musician, writer, and creator of The Gentle Rebel Podcast

Portrait of author Tim Gough

"It’s real, it’s relevant, it’s personal, it’s constructive, it’s readable, and it is not cheesy self-help! This will be an incredibly important book to many creative people."
– Tim Gough, award-winning leadership blogger & author 

Rick Jesse, Dogtooth

"The Creative Wound is a book that will help you take that vital look inside, and offers great wisdom and practical tips toward rebuilding your creative foundations in a stronger, more positive way."
– Rick Jesse, Dogtooth brand & experience design