Design, photography & music studio

Helping you bring clarity and style to your message, art, or brand.

Hi, I'm Mark. I help creatives, musicians, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, marketers, artists, and businesses produce great work and be seen, heard, understood, and desired by all the right people.

 Whether your aim is to disruptcomfortbe noticedmake art, or you have something to say or something to sell, when you attract the right audience what you have to offer will be a revelation.


Graphic Design & Illustration

​Most people do judge a book by its cover. Don't be left on the shelf because you made quality design an afterthought. ​​


Personal Brand Photograpy - Ruth

When you've only got seconds to make the right first impression, are you really willing to entrust ​it to a smartphone ​selfie?

Music Production

Mark Pierce playing strat in studio

​Wherever you're at in the song-writing process, I'll help​ make your ​song sound just the way you want it.


​“​​I've been stopped in the street twice this morning by customers saying how amazing your photos are! Thank you so much — they are truly beautiful.”

​Kate Roberts – ​Sheldon's Wine Bar, Colwyn Bay


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Small business branding – Blend coffee bars, Llandudno
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[VIDEO] An Invitation – chapter one of Brave Art
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Brave Art book by Mark Pierce

​​“​​​Brave Art is a strong yet gentle call to bring beauty into ugly places by bravely stepping forwards despite our own uncertainty and fear.”

– ​Andy Mort, ​​songwriter and slow coach for gentle rebels


​Courageous Creativity In An Age Of Conformity

​A guide to becoming creatively bold.

It’s the artist who expresses the impact of life on the human heart. It’s the artist who ignites fresh hope in the weary. It’s the artist who offers beauty for ashes. And it’s the brave artist who does this with love, and without apology.

Does this sound like you? Or who you want to be? Perhaps who you are called to be?

​​Overcome doubt, create with conviction, and dare to make the art our world desperately needs.

"I haven’t read a book that shook me up this much since The War of Art by Steven Pressfield."

– Lauren Sapala, author of Firefly Magic and The INFJ Writer


The Creative Wound


An empathetic guide to recovering your creative soul.

Combining heartfelt personal stories with inspirational and practical insights, this book demonstrates how we can overcome artistic anxiety, find renewed creative courage, and produce meaningful work that matters.