​“​​Any writer or artist struggling with self-doubt and fear will be forever changed by this book.​”

Lauren Sapala, author ​and writing coach

Brave Art book by Mark Pierce


​Courageous Creativity In An Age Of Conformity

​A guide to becoming creatively bold

​Overcome doubt, create with conviction, and dare to make the art our world desperately needs.

Whether you sing, dance, act, compose, paint, design, write, lead a team, or make sandwiches in the local deli, your human spirit was created to create things of beauty. And what if beautiful work holds healing answers for our broken world?

Combining stories from his own journey with inspirational and practical insights, Mark Pierce explores why we should approach an uncertain future with the heart and mind of an artist – a brave artist.

It’s the artist who expresses the impact of life on the human heart. It’s the artist who ignites fresh hope in the weary. It’s the artist who offers beauty for ashes. And it’s the brave artist who does this with love, and without apology.

Does this sound like you? Or who you want to be? Perhaps who you are called to be?

Conventional wisdom insists we do something “more important” than pursue creative gifts, especially in times of great shaking. But by nature, artists and creative people disrupt convention. Undaunted by cynics, they craft works of solace to soothe the hurting, and dream up new ways of guiding us safely through the mire.

So, will you risk a more artful way of life, choose courage in defiance of fear, and help shape the world that is shaping us?

This is your call to brave art.


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Praise for ​Brave Art

Aliss Cresswell - author

​“For all those called to create something new. Whatever the canvas of your calling, expect Brave Art to be a catalyst to uncover your hidden treasure and activate the creative within.”
​Aliss Cresswell, ​author, and founder of Spirit Lifestyle & Miracle Caf​és

Andy Mort reading A Book

​“Brave Art is a strong yet gentle call to bring beauty into ugly places by bravely stepping forwards despite our own uncertainty and fear.”
– Andy Mort, ​songwriter and slow coach for gentle rebels

Lauren Sapala Writing Coach

​“Brave Art is a call to action for every artist, as well as a call to come home to your own heart. Any writer or artist struggling with self-doubt and fear will be forever changed by this book.”
Lauren Sapala, author ​and writing coach

Tim Gough author & blogger

​“This is the book I needed twenty years ago. Mark does more than just encourage us to make pretty things, he calls us to a life of perpetual creativity.”
– Tim Gough, ​multi-award-winning leadership blogger & author 

Emma-Klara Sandberg

​“Having been deeply moved and guided by Mark’s previous book, The Creative Wound, the theme of Brave Art feels like the natural next step on my own creative journey.”
– ​Emma-Klara Sandberg, ​photographer and floral designer

Ben Trigg London based musician

​“This book is both brave and artistic. Please read it.”
– ​Ben Trigg, ​multi-instrumentalist and songwriter


Amazon UK | Amazon US | Amazon CA | Amazon AU


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