UnBlackFriday Giveaway

So, will there be a Black Friday sale? This question gets asked a lot this time of year.

In a nutshell, no.

Sue Quinton North Wales podiatrist - headshot

Reason #1 — Fairness & Regret

Imagine you booked a photoshoot with me 2 weeks ago and then find out that you could've had the same thing at half the price. How would you feel? Angry? Cheated?

I never want you to feel remorse at spending your hard-earned money on something that failed to give value, no matter what the time of year is. When you work with me, I strive to treat you fairly and give outstanding value.


Reason #2 — I Believe In Being Small, Scrappy & Independent

I do all I can to support the community of small businesses, creatives, artists, and marketers, not least because I am one of you

So, making you wait until a seasonal sale is happening for you to get the best value doesn't make sense.  That way, you either wait until the next sale, pay begrudgingly, or go elsewhere. That doesn't benefit any of us.

Personal Brand photography - Steve Gilmour

What I Am Doing Instead: 

The UnBlackFriday Personal Brand Photoshoot Giveaway

Simply put, if you book a PERSONAL BRAND PORTRAIT SHOOT with me, together we will gift an equivalent photoshoot to a friend of yours — for free.

Jemima headshot

You nominate someone you think would really benefit from having a library of personal brand photos, but who might struggle to afford it at the moment. 

Once your photoshoot is complete, I will give them the equivalent — for free.

Whether their aim is to disrupt, comfort, be noticed, make art, or they have something to say or something to sell, when they find the right audience, what they have to offer will be a revelation. They just need be seen. And for that they need a leg up. 

If your friend's worthwhile pursuit would be radically boosted by having media-ready photos that build their reputation, but they can't afford the investment, here's your chance to pay it forward, and together we can invest in someone doing something that matters

Kate Roberts, Sheldon's Bar

Summary of the offer

UnBlackFriday Personal Brand Photoshoot Giveaway

  • Decide to book a pocket or full photoshoot
  • Nominate a friend to receive a free shoot, explaining the reasons why
  • We agree on the suitability of your nomination
  • Book & pay for your pocket or full photoshoot
  • Your friend gets the same deal — for free
Owen Dale - outside his office, Made Easy Group, North Wales

Let's make a difference to someone who wants to make a difference.

Offer ends midnight Monday 27th November 2018