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Treat your songs to the sound they deserve

(Because good songs should never sound bad)


We’ll make use of proven guidelines that successful songwriters have been using for years to explore the possibilities of making what you've written even better.


I’ll guide you through choosing the right style for your song, which instruments work together well, and how they can be orchestrated to create emotional impact.


I'll help you figure out how to package and present your finished work, using graphic design, photography, effective copywriting, video, web & social media.


People can now enjoy the music that was stuck inside my head

As a singer/ songwriter, there is lots of music which exists only in my head. Working with Mark, he has very creatively interpreted what I can hear and improved it. Now everyone else can hear it too. Marvellous!

John Every Songwriter


Box of Catapult CDs
Unboxing Maggie Adams

You don't have to be a pop star to create music that really matters

– Mark Pierce, founder, Revelator Recording Studio

Create in the studio

I am a firm believer of the adage “quality in, quality out.” 

From microphones used by top LA producer Joe Chiccarelli to preamps owned by guitar legends Mark Knopfler & Dave Gilmour, my equipment choices ensure that the sounds captured are pure, full & warm.

Revelator Recording Studio
Revelator Recording Studio

Record on location

Can't get to me? I can come to you!

At Revelator you have the option of mobile recording; I can pack my trusty studio vehicle with equipment and head out to your environment to capture your sound!


I'm very proud of how the finished music sounds

Working with Mark has been a great experience. He is very professional and helped me achieve exactly what I envisioned for my music.

Lucy-Rose Garnish Singer songwriter

Collaborate online

Distance is no longer an object.

Produce your song from start to finish - all online! I regularly collaborate with people from all around the globe. 

Need authentic pedal steel from Texas? No problem!

Revelator Recording Studio
Album cover photography & design examples

Look as good as you sound

If you want your music to grab the attention it deserves then you’ll need a specialist music photographer & graphic designer who understands both your sound and your image.

I produce bold, distinctive music & band photography & artwork, working hard to create exactly the mood you are looking for. I will work closely with you to integrate your sound and image into a powerful whole that will establish you with your audience.​


The best album cover photos I've ever had!

Working with Mark was an absolute joy. The atmosphere was so relaxed I was slightly concerned that I wasn't taking it seriously enough and that my poses may not have been suitable. I shouldn't have worried! Whilst appearing relaxed and casual, Mark was actually capturing the best pictures I have ever had. I wholeheartedly recommend him. Thanks!

Alistair James Singer songwriter

Record Label Quality

on an

Indie Artist Budget

These packages are a great starting point and are easily tailored to suit you perfectly – just get in touch!


Acoustic Instrument & Vocal

Up to 6 hours

  • ​Song critique
  • Music writing and composition based on your chords & melody
  • Piano and/or acoustic guitar performances included
  • Vocal guidance
  • Quick mix

from £247

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Complete Music Production

Up to 3 days

  • Song critique
  • Music writing and composition based on your chords & melody
  • Bass, drums, piano, electric & acoustic guitar performances included
  • Vocal guidance & digital editing / tuning if necessary
  • Produced, engineered & mixed to broadcast quality

from £897

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10 Song Album

Up to 45 days

  • ​Up to 10 songs produced as per SINGLE package
  • Mastering (incl. Red Book & Glass Mastering)
  • Meta data encoding
  • UPC bar code
  • Creative Photoshoot
  • Artwork design
  • Copywriting / editing
  • 500 CDs manufactured to commercial release standard
  • Digital release on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify etc

from £12,597

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DIY Marketing & PR Toolbox

Your unfair advantage

  • ​Branding review
  • Editorial Photoshoot (location & studio)
  • Images edited and optimsed for print, website & social media
  • Biography – long and short versions
  • Press Release
  • Personalised Social Media Roadmap

from £447

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Extras from £45/hr

If there is an instrument you or I can’t play, I'll suggest hiring session players at competitive rates. I have a pool of session players and vocalists I can call upon, with session rates starting from £135 per 3 hour session.

  • Session vocalist(s)
  • Additional instruments parts / players (ie horn sections, string arrangement, solo violin etc)

Making an album is no longer out of reach

Someone who dreams of bringing out an album will learn it's no longer out of reach. People easily take out loans for cars that only last a few years – whereas an album lasts forever. I know which I'd rather invest in!

Maggie Adams Songwriter