Jazz & Show Tunes

Arranging & recording jazz & big bands

As a musician and a songwriter I know how personal music can be. In my studio, we can start wherever you're at with your song. We'll take what you have in one hand, what you envision in the other, and work with it until it reflects you with style.

Whether you're beginning with arrangement concerns, or simply need more in the way of a horns/brass section - or a great session singer's voice - we'll have lots of options at our fingertips to bring your composition together.


You’ve given me a new zest for life!

In 5 years you’ve produced 45 of my songs! Each time I get a track back I’m totally overwhelmed; and I appreciate that you put everything into each one. I was a late starter, and you’ve given me a new zest for life. I’ll always be indebted to you.

Maggie Adams Songwriter

In both the recording and the mixing stages, you'll have access to some of the best gear available. All my equipment has been sought out and procured with the express intent of making your music sound as pure, full and warm as possible.