Blues, Pop & Rock

Create music that reflects your heart

As a musician and a songwriter I know how personal music can be. In my studio, we can start wherever you're at with your song. We'll take what you have in one hand, what you envision in the other, and work with it until it reflects you with style.

For example, when singer-songwriter Susannah Orton came to me to record her EP, we took her voice and acoustic guitar arrangements and (with the help of session guitarist Tom Warner) transformed them into punchy, multi-instrument pop-rock songs!


I feel I really own the finished product

I appreciate how you took my songs from a very basic state to a professional work while constantly keeping me involved in every part of the creative recording process – inputting my ideas & discussing each aspect as my songs took shape. Consequently I feel I really own the finished product – which has far surpassed my expectations. You’re a great host and made me feel right at home – which helped me to relax and really enjoy it!

Susannah Orton Singer-songwriter

In both the recording and the mixing stages, you'll have access to some of the best gear available. All my equipment has been sought out and procured with the express intent of making your music sound as pure, full and warm as possible.