Tuition & Workshops

Mix coaching

Are your mixes not quite as strong as you'd like? Revelator can help! We don't run generic courses for the masses. We take fellow enthusiasts under our wing and give personal mentoring on recording and mixing music.

We talk to you. We listen to where you want to go and then walk with you through it. We can take you through all the different steps involved in recording and producing great Pop, Rock, Blues or Country tracks.

Songwriting & arrangement lessons

If you need a bit of help song writing / arranging we can help you. We offer exactly the tuition you need to get your songs really 'popping'. Real-world stuff. Working on your material.

Maybe you'd like to focus on the lyrics or hone the chord structures on acoustic guitar or piano. Alternatively you may want to learn how to program sampled drum parts indistinguishable from the real thing, arrange string & orchestral parts using our extensive sample libraries and pretty much orchestrate the right combination of instruments and sounds you need to make your song sound exactly the way you planned it.