Survey results & winner announced

During the summer of 2017 we asked a cross-section of musicians, singers & songwriters to share their thoughts on making, recording, listening to and playing music.

The results have been incredibly useful in helping us tailor what we do, and as a thank you we offered one lucky respondent the opportunity to win one of their songs transformed from demo to commercial quality release.

In this article you can see the results of the survey and discover where you fit. Also, you'll get to meet the winner of the song production prize. 

2017 music survey results

Which best describes you?
Which instruments do you play?
Is recording your music important to you?
Is making money with your music important to you?
Do you feel adequately supported in your musical aspirations?
What would you appreciate musical help and support with?
Is having a studio recording experience important to you?
Do you own your own home recording equipment?
Who would you prefer to play on your recording?
Where do you play live?
In which formats do you listen to music?
Which media do you regularly consume?
What is your learning style?
Do you think streaming music should be completely free?
What is your age?

The brave ones also explained in their own words their biggest barriers and what musical success looked like for them. Each person’s definition of success varied wildly – some had grand notions such as composing epic Hollywood film scores, while others simply wanted to share a few basic tunes for a retirement home sing along. Both were very valid aims. Both very different.

However, no matter how diverse the aspirations were, the same three barriers surfaced over and again.


I’d love to _____________ if only I could afford it

I’d love to _____________ if only I had the time

I’d love to _____________ if only I had the self confidence

Did any of those phrases sound familiar to you?​

These themes recurred so many times that we've decided to do something about it. Work is already underway on a series of tutorials that will give practical steps to help you overcome each of these sticking points, so that your great songs don't die unheard.

Studio time competition results

Your opinions really matter, so as a little way of saying thank you for taking the time to help we offered the chance to enter a prize draw to win a song fully transformed from demo to broadcast quality recording​. One person would receive a full song overhaul, worth £897.

Choosing one person to work with from a lot of interesting, creative and worthy entrants wasn't easy. We had really strong submissions from talented writers with songs that spanned rock, pop, metal, blues, acoustic; and not all were from the UK. The furthest afield came from Miami!

Finally we whittled it down to three, and eventually chose the artist we felt was the best fit.

And the winner is...

Birmingham based singer-songwriter, Lucy-Rose Garnish. We loved Lucy-Rose's intelligent lyrics and quirky approach – it's not often you hear a gentle acoustic singer-songwriter track morph into rapping! It was immediately apparent that here was a song chock-full of potential, and so we got in touch with Lucy-Rose, who has since been up to the studio in North Wales to work on the track, which is developing satisfyingly well.

Although we'd love to share with you how it's sounding, you'll have to wait until its official release as a single, later in 2017. Be sure to check back on the blog, sign up to our email list (and get a free eBook), or follow @RevelatorStudio to make sure you don't miss it.​

Lucy-Rose Garnish - competition winner
Lucy-Rose taking a break from tracking vocals to do some smiling for the camera!

This is Lucy-Rose's demo of the song we're working on

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