Meet The Team

Founder & Creative Director. Rather expansive centre parting.

Mark Pierce

Describing Mark as a hyper-creative multipotentialite probably wouldn't be an overstatement!

An obsessive learner and serial creative, he's had succesful overlapping commercial careers in print design, illustration, web marketing & education, photography, and music composition, performance & studio production.

His work has been seen in the UK, USA & Europe and includes companies such as: BBC, ITV, Sky, London Evening Standard, Playstation Magazine, Parcelforce, Penguin Books, Aviva, Newsquest, EMAP Publishing, Toni & Guy, Hull City AFC and more.

However, enjoying so many diverse creative disciplines (with music as his first love) made it difficult for one role to be satisifying long-term. So, he quit marketing agency life and founded Revelator in 2005, where he now works closely with individuals to help them achieve their goals in music.

Mark enjoys good coffee, watching Hull City, and parallel parking.

Composer & Music Director. 

Ed Osborne

Ed Osborne - session pianist and composer

If you ask Ed what he's most passionate about, aside from being with his family, he will tell you it's music. Every time.

Ed has no recollection of a time when he wasn't musical. Having learnt the piano from the age of 5 he quickly began to flourish and won local music festivals as a young child and teenager, and achieved distinction in his ABRSM exams, grades 1 to 8.

His first big musical boost came at 14 when he was invited to join a regional youth jazz orchestra. The jazz band took him on tour around Europe and America, and showed him how a life of music could give him unforgettable experiences.

Ed has played piano and keyboard for a huge range of bands, orchestras, theatre shows, exam accompaniment and more. He loves the piano's versatility and is experienced in myriad styles, including classical, jazz, electronic, acoustic rock, prog rock, musicals, pop, rock and roll & boogie woogie!

Now working as a professional session musician and private music teacher, Ed is perfectly placed to give you the piano arrangement you deserve, drawing on his rich musical experience to artistically craft a piece of music you will truly love.

Composer, Jazz Aficionado & Coffee Geek.

Ben Trigg

Drummer, pianist, guitarist, bassist, vocalist – at some point they decided it would probably be sensible for Ben to stop learning new instruments.

So he set up shop with music all around him and hasn't looked back since.

Songwriting, composing, arranging, recording, producing – Ben has it all under his belt as he forges a better future for all lovers of great new music.

Artists Ben has worked with include Graham Kendrick, Chris Orange, Integrity Music, Ashanti Strings electric string duo, Tim Boniface, the Church Mission Society, Lizzy May, Felicity Broome-Skelton, Jon & Emily Darby, the New Tottenham Singers and more. 

Digital marketing ninja. Ginger.

Tim Gough

Tim is an award-winning leadership blogger, digital marketing consultant and writer. 

Currently living with his Californian wife in the beautiful surrounds of North Wales, UK he can often be found in sea front coffeeshops with his faithful MacBook, hammering away at one of his many ongoing projects.

Tim is passionate about philosophy and critical thinking and how these apply to our modern world. He is deathly afraid of spiders, adores hammocks and can cook a perfect steak.

Art, Design & Marketing Cyclops. Scouser.

Hannah Gunn

Hannah's bio is currently undergoing Government clearance. Check back soon.

Photographer & Senior Fairy Dust Executive

Naomi Seed

Naomi's bio has been held up in transit somewhere south of Mordor. Check back soon.