Equipment List

Studio recording gear

If you’re a bit of an equipment enthusiast then here is the core equipment we’ll be using to craft your recordings. If it all means nothing to you then don’t worry – I’ve never asked my mechanic which brand of spanner he swears by!


  • Inta Audio Quadcore workstation Enabling well over 100 tracks of audio & midi.
  • Sonar X3 Producer Extended Stability, usability, performance, and features & most complete delivery capability for collaboration with users of other DAWS.
  • Focusrite Saffire Pro10 Firewire audio interface with 8-preamps, 8-balanced outputs, S/PDIF, Saffire control pro software. Professional quality signal path and Audio/Digital converters.
  • DAV-BG1 Twin channel preamp. Mark Knopfler & Dave Gilmour have both bought one of these hand-made, low noise, low distortion professional grade mic pre-amps.
  • Line 6 UX2 Pro Tone Recording & Modelling Interface. Part of the award-winning Line 6 TonePort family.
  • 2 x 24" widescreen monitors To see what we’re doing!


  • Rode K2 Warm, smooth sounding multi-pattern Class 'A' valve microphone. Used by Multi Grammy Award Winning Producer/Mixer/Engineer Joe Chiccarelli to record Tom McRae’s All Maps Welcome.
  • Oktava MK012A-MSP Matched pair of the classic multi-pattern genuine Russian instrument microphones. Delivers a clean, open sound with plenty of depth.
  • Golden Age R1 Active Ribbon Clear, even, smooth top end and a lovely warm lower mid-range. Wonderful for jazz vocals & acoustic guitar.
  • SE Electronics sE2200A Multi-award winning studio condenser mic. Used to record Radio 2 and Hit40uk sessions for artists such as Mika, Amy Winehouse, Amp Fiddler, Paolo Nutini and many more.


  • Alesis ProLinear 720 Very classy, transparent sound, with great imaging.
  • Yamaha HS8 Successor to the company’s ubiquitous NS10M studio monitors. Very revealing - bad mixes can't hide here!


  • Fender Telecaster Classic electric guitar fitted with Seymour Duncan pickups.
  • Martin DX1CE Wonderful, warm electro acoustic guitar made by the masters.
  • M-Audio Prokeys 88 Premium weighted-key stage piano and MIDI controller.
  • Yamaha Pacifica 412 Strat style electric guitar fitted with humbucker in the bridge.
  • Squier 5 string Jazz Bass No-nonsense classic design passive bass guitar.

plug-ins & sound libraries

  • UAD-1 some of the most accurate emulations of classic audio hardware units.
  • Slate VCC Adds subtle but real depth and life to mixes - gets close to that classic console sound we've all heard on our favourite albums.
  • NI Kontakt 4 Huge library of high quality instruments and sounds.
  • Ivory II 3 immaculately sampled grand pianos. Steinway D, Yamaha C7, Bosendorfer 290 - the industry standard.
  • NI Akoustik Piano 3 grand pianos and an upright.
  • Kirk Hunter Strings Incredibly realistic sampled strings – used on countless commercial CDs, TV & film scores.
  • NI Abbey Road 70s Drummer Authentic 70s kit sounds. Recorded at Abbey Road with all the vintage gear! Sounds wonderful.
  • Addictive drums & Toontrack Superior Drummer 2.0 w/ Custom & Vintage, Jazz, Funk & Percussion Xpansion packs. Drums for people who really care about having high quality acoustic drums in their songs. Optimized for use with e-drums.