Let your true creative self take centre stage

Who are you – really?Even for the most self-confident individual, the act of creativity is a vulnerable act. And when you dare to expose the contents of your soul in such an unguarded manner, you invariably leave yourself wide open to assault and potential harm. So, instead of experiencing the joy of plunging deeply into the […]

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  • 9th January 2018

Why even bother?

Should you just stop making music? The reasons people write songs and make music are truly fascinating, especially when creating art of any kind demands a lot of time & commitment. Developing proficient instrument skills, learning the linguistic nuances of music, and honing the craft and poetry of lyrics is more of a lifetime commitment […]

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  • 27th October 2017

Clocks: Lucy-Rose Garnish

Back in early Summer 2017 we ran a survey (here are the music survey results), and offered a prize for one lucky respondent to have a single produced here at the studio. Well, Birmingham-based Lucy-Rose Garnish was the winner. We loved her intelligent lyrics and quirky approach – it’s not often you hear a gentle acoustic singer-songwriter […]

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  • 29th September 2017

Ways To Make Money With Your Music

Stop chasing a record deal – now you can make it on your own terms. I don’t know about you, but it upsets me when one of my favourite recording artists stops making music because they’ve not made enough money to make it worthwhile. The past decade has seen huge changes in how music is made, […]

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  • 22nd September 2017

Your next 168 hours

Cast your mind back to when you were just seven years old. The date is December 22nd and you’re waiting for Christmas Day to arrive. Can you remember just how excruciatingly slowly the time passed? The days felt more like weeks as the countdown ticked idly towards its festive target. Now, transport that same seven-year-old you […]

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  • 2nd August 2017

Survey results & winner announced

During the summer of 2017 we asked a cross-section of musicians, singers & songwriters to share their thoughts on making, recording, listening to and playing music.The results have been incredibly useful in helping us tailor what we do, and as a thank you we offered one lucky respondent the opportunity to win one of their […]

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  • 18th July 2017

Why your personal creativity matters

What making art is really all aboutThere’s a bigger concept to grasp than just wanting to master a particular technique, a more pertinent question to be answered than ‘will anyone like this?’, and our creations take place within a much larger story that  than we realise is unfolding at the time. You see, art – real art […]

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  • 20th June 2017

Sell your music like Jon sells coffee

In January 2017, just up the road in Llandudno, a friend of mine opened a second – and larger – branch of his extremely popular independent coffee house, Providero. The vibe of the place makes me feel like I’m a slightly cooler person for just being there, and the coffee is some of the very […]

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  • 8th February 2017

The difference between PR and marketing, and why DIY musicians need to know

Communications expert Howard Dobson offers a simple guide to two misunderstood terms You’ve written the songs, you’ve recorded the album. Now it’s time to project your music into the big wide world. So having worked tirelessly as a composer, lyricist, multi-instrumentalist, arranger and performer, you now need to become a star publicist. You were busy enough […]

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  • 10th January 2017

2016 – the year dreams came true!

2016 has been one of the most amazing years! With a sense of great thankfulness I am sitting here in a coffee shop, with my laptop, looking back on some of the highlights of the past 12 months. I’ve met some inspiring new people, carried on fruitful relationships with others, and together we created some […]

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  • 13th December 2016
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