Arrangement & Song Development

Orchestration, arrangment & song refinement

Got an idea, but not sure about how to make all the instruments work together? We start wherever you're at in the song writing process, using everything available to make your song just the way you want it.


Stunning arrangment

I would like to declare that Mark Pierce is an absolute utter legendary producer & a very nice man as well. He’s just produced a stunning arrangement for a new song I’ve written called Our Saviour King, a rewritten Sankey hymn.

Ali Crompton Singer-songwriter

When building from a simple acoustic demo there are so many options available to add light & shade to your arrangement. We can add horns or strings to lend the dynamics you'd like to see, or write in a piano/keyboard part to lift the mood or add drama.

I'm more than happy to sit down and chat at any point about your intent and the development of your song. Solving those pesky problems is much easier when you have someone with experience to bounce ideas off of and the resources at hand to see your music become a reality.

Watch your song go from good to inspired!